The title of this post is not meant to be typical Internet click-bait, really.  I’ll prove it to you with four simple Google searches I just performed.  Take a look:

Does SEO Matter Anymore?You’ll see 4 searches covering four different services in four major cities of the US.  The results?  Not a single organic listing is shown on the first page of a large mobile phone (in my case, this is an Apple iPhone 6s).  The latest stats tell us that easily 50% or more of searches are performed on mobile devices.  So, if  you can’t even see a single organic search result unless you scroll down 1-2 screenfuls, what does that tell you about the importance of paid advertising or so-called Pay Per Click (PPC)?

It gets even better.  Google has recently started experimenting with not just the usual 3 ads on the top of all Search results, but even 4!  That’s right.  The statistics also have swung from years ago, where organic listings demanded more clicks to now ads taking the lion’s share of clicks.  Why?  It’s because the ads are more relevant and it’s what the searchers actually want.  Businesses and organizations need to face reality about this and realize that relying on organic search performance for their goals via SEO is just not going to cut it anymore.

Red Fin Marketing has always advocated a holistic approach to meeting your business or organization goals.  SEO has been and will always continue to be important, at least as a best practice and “foundation” for your online presence.  But, paid search advertising (PPC) has been powerful for years and is now increasingly becoming the dominant way to not just get visibility, but to also leverage sophisticated targeting methods that organic search has never been able to do.  Techniques like re-marketing are quickly becoming a given and those not leveraging it are missing out on huge gains (if you’re not familiar with re-marketing, I’ll cover it in an upcoming post).  These are the reasons why top businesses and nonprofits are huge Google AdWords customers, spending thousands and some millions of dollars per month to get results.

We have over a decade of experience in leveraging Google AdWords and all Google advertising products, many since their inception.  We serve up tens of millions of ads per year for our clients and manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in AdWords spend.  Talk with us about the results you should be getting online and how the game has changed.