We are happy to announce that Google has recognized our expertise in the Google Search platform and our actual results with clients to name us as part of the elite badged Google Partner program.

While anyone can study and pass certification exams from Google around their various products, including AdWords and Analytics.  Only a tiny percentage of marketing agencies globally pass not only all of required Google product examinations, but more importantly, actually manage significant client advertising spend with documented impact & results.  Only after achieving all of these factors is the invitation given to become an official Google Partner.

Red Fin Marketing founder, Shawn Shafai, says “We are proud to have earned the badge for becoming a Google Partner.  We’ve worked hard on every aspect of what it takes to be recognized as an elite digital marketing agency.  This is a great recognition from Google that in addition to understanding their powerful platform and products, we’ve also demonstrated that we have the well-earned trust of our clients to manage a massive advertising portfolio and are helping them achieve their goals daily.”

As the online marketing landscape has changed from hundreds of billions of searches to now trillions annually.  And, also, as more searches happen via mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) than traditional desktop computers, it is more critical than ever to ensure that your organization has a solid marketing strategy and is providing your prospects with what they’re after, when they need it, and how they want to consume it.  Red Fin Marketing understands this can be a daunting task and invites you to contact us so we can partner on getting your organization enabled for today’s online marketplace.