The Affiliate Lab is a robust course for teaching the ins and outs of the online marketing business. As it’s titled, the focus is on affiliate marketing types of sites, but you need to know that Matt puts so much information in this overall product that it goes considerably further than just plain vanilla affiliate sites that you may have in mind.

Matt is Matt Diggity, who is well known internationally as an SEO expert and highly successful online business practitioner. It’s important to note that Matt is not a self-styled “SEO guru” or a hype specialist. Instead, he is down-to-earth with a proven record of repeatable success both for himself and for those that he teaches all that he’s learned over the years.

One of the interesting aspects of how Matt approaches the game is in the style of his educational and professional background as an engineer. He approach online business and SEO with that same rigor of documentation and experimentation to understand what methods work and why.

Matt is also known for giving back to the international marketing community in spades. Examples include a lot of free content associated with his learnings and also creating the well-attended and anticipated annual Chiang Mai SEO Conference in Thailand.

The Course Contents

That’s enough on Matt, let’s get into what you’re getting in this course and the key question of is it worth your investment of time and money.

The first thing to realize about The Affiliate Lab product is that it’s more than just a product. It’s fair to think of it as also a Service and, even more accurately, as a subscription.

Now, I don’t know if Matt is necessarily signing up for any specifics on the “subscription” descriptor I gave above, but you should know that the Lab product has massively grown and evolved in the time that I’ve owned it.

If you’ve been in the industry for any length of time or have been watching it from the sidelines, you know that it changes fast and it changes in significant ways. You’ll be delighted to know that Matt constantly updates and evolved the Lab course to be reflective of modern methods.

This is critical, of course, as you don’t want to be spending your precious time, efforts, and money on the wrong methods that are not going to produce success. As well, a significant part of our business is staying safe and not getting penalized for doing the wrong things or doing things in the wrong way.

Whether you hate or love Facebook, it doesn’t matter, you need to also get into the exclusive Affiliate Lab Facebook group that is open to those that buy the Lab course. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of SEO, affiliate marketing, or online business groups on Facebook. I’m a member of around a half dozen. Honestly, the only one I pay attention to is the Lab group. You have intelligent questions, discussions, and updates from people that actually know what they’re talking about and not the constant stream of misinformation you get in other groups. The reason is simple, because they are Lab students, they have a clue!

Now, the course itself has the core component of what you would expect. Simply put, a full course from beginning to end on affiliate marketing. Think about the basics of site design, silos, niche selection, monetization, and the like. The normal cost of the Lab course I would say is worth 2-3x the cost of what Matt charges. Really. I’ve been in the industry and have purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of courses over the past 15+ years. To say this is a strong value is an understatement.

However, that’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Just in the past 12 months, I can’t even keep up with the exceptional value Matt (and his colleagues and other well-known marketers in our industry) have added to the overall Lab package. You now have complete additional stand-alone courses on Outreach, the business of website Flipping, how to do Management right to hire & scale, how to build & grow an affiliate portfolio, scientific testing of your SEO, affiliate e-mail marketing, and even how to optimize your life since Matt is also personally interested in “life hacks” on how to eat better, sleep better, etc.

I don’t want to sound like a sales page for the Lab course. You’ll see that Matt actually does a pretty slick job of that himself on his Lab website with the usual nice sales job, testimonials, etc.

What I always find valuable in good reviews is answering the following questions:

  • Is this BS or the real thing? Yes, this is the real thing. I hope you got the idea from above that there’s no doubt of this.
  • Is this a good value? Yes, nothing in the industry touches it in both scale of great info & how usable it is by you.
  • Is there anything else I should know? Yes, if you’re serious about wanting to learn and grind, you’re lucky, you’re reading a review about the right product/service. However, be honest with yourself. If you’re not that interested or motivated and instead just chasing some “passive income” dream, not only this isn’t the course for you but I would strongly argue you should recalibrate your thinking about the “easy money … while your sleep” concept. It virtually never exists, especially in our industry, not sustainably at least.

Matt’s Lab course earns a 99% rating from me (mainly because I’m like one of those jerk professors you may have had in college that just doesn’t hand out 100% ratings 😉 ). If you are serious about success in this field, I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t just buy this course right now and dedicate the time to making yourself super smart in this space and get out there and dominate.

Final thought; you will be in damn good company. Not only did I mention the Facebook group, but there are meetups (local and online), and even “masterminds” like the Six-Figure Flipper Club. This Club is a private group that Matt hosts that the only way to join is by verifying that you’ve sold at least one online business for over $100,000. I’ve been in this group for a while and even the day-to-day conversations that happen are often mind expanding what people are doing, how, and the results they’re getting. These are the kinds of folks you want to be able to discuss ideas with and network.

Thanks to Matt for not only a superb course that all serious marketers should leverage, but also the community that he’s built and the constant giving back that he does to bring others up. Bravo, my friend!