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Google Hiring SEO Manager

This may seem amusing to us in the business of doing SEO. Given that Google is the dominant player in the search engine space and, yet, they themselves need to focus on doing this right! A great lesson and reminder on just how critical this is for your business & online presence. See this recent job posted by Google on their website.

“Google Manipulates Search Results”

Some serious accusations and another legal case in the EU are heating things up in the Search space. This is interesting to view in terms of industry news, but also potential evolution of how search is done and how that manifests itself for businesses online....

Google Innovation

Google continues its innovation, never keeping still. Interesting development here and much more in their pipeline.

Google Mobile Update Results

Some results from ‪#‎Google‬’s Mobile-oriented search update this week. Long article, but the short story is significant losers & winners. ‪#‎mobilegeddon‬

Google Marketers API

This is going to be incredibly powerful and a next stage of marketing to your audience. Keep an eye on this.