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If your business obtains some or all of its customers from a local market, local SEO may be the key to your success in the coming years.

It’s no secret that search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the best ways to improve web traffic and drive customers to your business. At Red Fin Marketing, we provide a wide array of services aimed at helping businesses climb to the top of the search results page, including local SEO. A newer form of search engine optimization, local SEO involves techniques to boost the visibility of local businesses on Google and the other search engines.

Understanding Local SEO


Research reveals that users focus in on local results when searching online. Since search engines now prioritize local businesses in their organic results pages as well, small businesses and freelancers that neglect to consider their local search engine optimization may be missing out on valuable opportunities to grow their customers bases.

Location-Specific Search

Search engines can identify the geographical area from which a user is searching. As a result, they provide more relevant, location-specific results. The benefit to small business owners is that their websites are showing up for customers who are already in the area. And because local SEO is free, businesses can take advantage of complimentary advertising for their services.

Improve Online Authority

Local search helps improve a business’ authority online. Because local search prioritizes nearby businesses, your website can rank higher in the organic results than it would otherwise, as you’re only competing with other businesses in the same region. In the long run, improved visibility is the best way to drive conversions for your site.

How can Red Fin Marketing Help?


Once you’ve claimed your local search pages, Red Fin Marketing can help you optimize them for performance. The fact is that both local and national SEO requires optimization efforts.


Ensure consistent content and visuals.


Gather reviews and inbound links.


Add photos and information to improve quality.


Add location information to titles and meta tags.


Embedding Google maps.


Manage your social media accounts.


Teach you how to promote content.


Provide outstanding business results.


Trust Red Fin Marketing with Your Local SEO Marketing


If your business obtains some or all of its customers from a local market, local SEO may be the key to your success in the coming years. A leading online marketing company, Red Fin Marketing offers a full range of services including SEO, SEM, website design, and social media management. We treat our clients like the VIPs they are, providing personalized services to help them grow. Thanks to our laser focus on results, clients can rest assured knowing we will deliver highly qualified leads week after week.

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