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Choosing the right SEO company is a serious decision. Don’t make the wrong choice.


While SEO is a key part of any overall online marketing strategy, it’s not always easy for a website to rise in the organic search results. After all, Google takes a variety of known and unknown factors into account when calculating the results of a search query. To succeed in the online marketing space, a business needs to choose the best SEO marketing company to manage its campaign.

Choosing an SEO Marketing Company

Here are a few of our tips for evaluating prospective marketing companies and avoiding trouble with Google:


Look out for fraudulent claims

Every website wants to boast #1 rankings on Google. However, SEO marketing companies that vow to secure you the top slots are making false promises.

Because of the sheer number of websites online, and the fact that the Google algorithm remains unknown (and is constantly changing), it’s impossible for a company to guarantee #1 rankings, companies that claim otherwise are likely being less than honest.

Case studies and evidence

While many businesses still request references and testimonials from prospective employees, the fact is that no candidate is going to offer up a bad recommendation.

Instead of relying on testimonials, websites seeking SEO marketing help should ask to see examples of sites the business has optimized in the past and look for evidence of performance. You can also ask for referrals from trusted business acquaintances and friends.

Stay alert to black-hat techniques

Occasionally, an SEO company is able to improve a website’s rankings using practices that are less than ethical. To avoid long-term negative consequences from Google and their customer bases, business should stay alert to black-hat SEO techniques like using hidden text or cloaking.


Avoid keyword stuffing

Targeting keywords is essential if you hope to draw the most qualified customers to your site. However, companies that engage in keyword stuffing—using a keyword density above the recommended 3-7 percent—may be risking your reputation. Along with affecting your Google search rank, keyword stuffing hurts readability and causes users to navigate away from your page.



Selecting the wrong SEO marketing company can injure your business.


Don’t ruin your reputation with both your customer base and the search engines. A leader in online search optimization, Red Fin Marketing utilizes the most effective, ethical SEO practices to create a broad strategy for search engine marketing.


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