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Want to get the most out of your small business’ digital marketing campaign?

To succeed among the competition, small business owners must be knowledgeable regarding the latest SEO technologies and practices. In the long run, boosting web visibility is the best way to increase your customer base while maximizing return on investment for your marketing dollars. An online marketing expert, Red Fin Marketing offers full-service SEO for a broad range of local businesses. We strive to keep costs down while delivering more qualified leads to your site and helping your small business stand out from the pack.

Understanding Small Business SEO


It’s no secret that small businesses rely on the Internet to provide free advertising for their products while building their brands and reputations in the minds of customers. If they hope to compete with larger companies, small businesses need to take steps to get found, and then means hiring online marketing companies they can trust. A leader in small business SEO, Red Fin Marketing provides numerous services to help websites rises through the organic search results.

Market Research

Creating an effective small business SEO campaign requires a great deal of research to thoroughly understand the industry.

Competitor Research

A good SEO company will conduct competitor research and identify the terms customers are using to search for products and services.

Keyword Research

We utilize sophisticated keyword research tools to assist small business owners in identifying keywords that accurately address their customers’ search inquiries.

Using Your Identified Important Keywords


Once you’ve identified the most important keywords to target, you can use them throughout your web content. Following these important guidelines ensures that you will create highly readable and enriched content that will build credibility in the eyes of searchers and help you stand out from the competition.



Use keywords throughout your content, titles and descriptions.


Use keywords sparingly and avoid stuffing them into your content.


Aim for 3-7% keyword density while creating compelling content.

One of the Most Valuable Tools for Small Businesses


Local SEO is one of the most valuable tools for small businesses. Business owners should incorporate information about their location into their website copy. Along with the city and state names, it’s wise to include the neighborhood or section of town, names of local parks, and even nearby sports teams. In the long run, these details will help improve your visibility as a local business. And of course, you should post blogs and share links to your site on Facebook and other social media pages.

Maximize Your Small Business Marketing


Want to revitalize your small business marketing and SEO? Based in San Jose, California, Red Fin Marketing offers services throughout San Francisco Bay, the nation, and even the world. You can trust Red Fin Marketing to deliver expert, affordable digital marketing services designed to help your small business succeed.


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